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Provider of modern IT services

ITPunkt sp. z o.o. provides state-of-the-art IT tools based on solutions of world class manufacturers. The foundations of our company are people with expertise and rich experience in services for large, demanding Customers. Since 2010, ITPunkt has had the status of an authorised implementation partner of Dell (DPS) which confirms the highest quality of the rendered implementation services.


Our mission is providing IT support on the basis of many years of experience and regularly developed knowledge. Our priority in implementations is safety of data and information as well as failure-free operation of hardware. We adopt an individual approach to each Customer, tailoring solutions to their needs.


The highest quality of services is confirmed by international certificates issued by renowned hardware and software manufacturers. We cooperate with such brands as Dell, Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco or VMware. We are the leading Polish integrator of Dell solutions.

DELL EMC Partner Titanium

We are the first company in Poland with the largest number of competences to have achieved the highest level available in Poland - Titanium. Dell EMC partnership level Titanium means among others:

  • access to individual, attractive discounts
  • confirmation of expert competence in Dell EMC solutions implementation and servicing
  • a number of extra advantages which we will be happy do discuss during a meeting

We offer:

  • Microsoft solutions,
  • system virtualisation
  • implementation of Unix/Linux systems
  • implementation of LAN, WAN, VPN
  • implementation of SAN/NAS
  • backup systems
  • outsourcing of IT services
  • DELL Products

Why is it worth it?

    • Professional consulting – we make every effort to ensure that Customers may rely on our help in every situation.
    • Safety and peace of mind – we strive for reliable operation of implemented ICT devices and we immediately respond to issues.
    • Perfect match – our solutions are tailored to individual needs of a company and specific features of its operations.
    • Cost reduction – an outsourcing service ensures that you have a dedicated specialist with a fully equipped work station.

    Contact us and visit our seat in Katowice or a local branch (Warszawa, Kraków, Wrocław,Poznan).

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ITPunkt Head Office

41-700 Ruda Śląska, ul. Szyb Walenty 26A

tel.: +48 32 797 0320

Branch in Wrocław

54-203 Wrocław,
ul. Legnicka 57W/13
tel. +48 32 797 0320 w. 5
fax +48 32 797 0319

Branch in Kraków

31-416 Kraków,
ul. Dobrego Pasterza 13/4
tel. +48 32 797 0320 w. 4
fax +48 32 797 0319

Branch in Warszawa

02-660 Warszawa,
ul. Irysowa 7
tel. +48 32 797 0320 w. 3
fax +48 32 797 0319

Branch in Poznań

61-693 Poznań,
ul. Piątkowska 173
tel. +48 790 290 623

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