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DELL products

As an authorised partner of DELL (PartnerDirect Premier), we specialise in the implementation of DELL professional solutions for companies. We deliver servers, mass storage systems, network devices and computer hardware. We offer IT service outsourcing as well.

DELL servers

Efficient, scalable and reliable network devices for competitive prices. Our offer includes a wide range of DELL PowerEdge servers (models: R230, R330, R430, R530, R630, R730, R830, R930 and others).

DELL mass storage

Individually matched, centralised solutions for creating back-ups, and data protection and consolidation. The offer includes among others:

  • DELL Storage SC9000
  • DELL Storage SCv2020
  • DELL SC2000
  • DELL Compellent SC8000
  • DELL Compellent SC4020
  • DELL Compellent FS8600
  • DELL Compellent SC280
  • DELL EqualLogic disc arrays
  • DELL PowerVault mass storages

DELL network devices

High performance, scalable network solutions allowing to manage access to information. We offer:

  • network switches (among others DELL Force10 and DELL Networking from N3000 and N4000 series)
  • wireless networks
  • switches in housing
  • network interfaces for PowerEdge M series blade servers
  • InfiniBand network switches
  • SAN Fibre Channel switches
  • sets of administrative tools for network management
  • Dell Networking OS 9

DELL computers and laptops

Technologically advanced devices tailored to the needs of every business. You will find in our offer:

  • DELL Latitude business notebooks (among others ultrathin DELL Latitude 12 7000 series and Latitude 15 3000 series innovative laptops)
  • DELL Vostro modern notebooks – perfect for small companies
  • XPS excellent quality notebooks (among others XPS 13 and XPS 15), created for work and entertainment
  • DELL OptiPlex desktops for professional applications (models: 3040, 3240, 7040 and others)
  • DELL Precision high performance portable work stations (models: 5810, 7810, 7910, M2800, M3800, M4800, M6800 and others)
  • DELL graphic stations with the maximum power

DELL data centre infrastructure

Safe, intuitive server racks for effective management of space in companies. We offer:

  • DELL Netshelter SX server racks
  • DELL KVM and KMM solutions
  • DELL Smart-UPS interactive emergency power supply
  • DELL Smart-UPS Online

Shared infrastructure

Integration of servers, mass storage, network and management functions. Available from us:

  • DELL PowerEdge FX platform components
  • DELL PowerEdge FX convergent architecture
  • DELL PowerEdge M1000e blade enclosure
  • PowerEdge (M420, M520, M630, M730, M830) blade servers
  • DELL PowerEdge VRTX

Protection of network and data

Effective protection of networks, systems and users (regardless of the size of an organisation, without decreasing network performance). We offer among others:

  • DELL SonicWALL® new generation firewalls
  • DELL SonicWALL® Secure Remote Access (SRA) for safe, remote access to resources through SSL VPN
  • DELL SonicWALL® Email Security for email protection

Client system management

Solutions allowing companies to save time and money and optimise work of an IT department. We recommend:

  • Dell KACE K1000 for system management (100-20,000 pieces of terminal equipment)
  • Dell KACE K2000 for system implementation

IT service outsourcing on the basis of DELL brand hardware (Aurora system)

Three outsourcing products giving access to advanced technologies without the need to make large outlays and employ IT specialists. You can order from us:

  • Aurora ServiceDesk – extensive remote and on-site support, designed for the work station environment
  • Aurora Infrastructure – monitoring system and technical support provided by our engineers
  • Aurora FaaS – implementation and maintaining of Firewall/IPS/IDS system with WWW Proxy service in Customer’s environment

Do you have any questions? Are you interested in Dell products or IT service outsourcing? Contact us.

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