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System Virtualization

We offer comprehensive virtualization of servers, network infrastructure and mass storage. We have proven tools for virtualization: Microsoft Hyper-V Server, VMware vSphere, Citrix XenServer and KVM.

By replacing physical servers with virtual ones, you:

  • reduce costs of building ICT infrastructure
  • save time (the implementation of a virtual server takes only over a dozen minutes)
  • limit the number of servers (without a negative impact on smooth operation)
  • maximise data safety (a possible failure of one element of the system does not affect the remaining data)
  • increases performance of hardware (among others hard drive, processor and RAM)
  • do not incur additional costs of purchase of software (advantageous licensing policy)
  • may effectively manage operation of servers
  • save electric energy (server consolidation; utilisation of purchased server hardware)
  • gain a lot of additional space in your server room
  • may flexibly transfer environments between servers
  • ensure reliability and continuity of server operation (automatic backing-up)
  • may conduct tests in a replicated environment
  • build a positive image of your company, caring for the natural environment(substantial reduction of the amount of waste hardware)

Do you have any questions? Are you interested in system virtualization? Contact us.

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